Merger of Adsmovil and RedMas Creates Largest Mobile Ad Network in the Americas

The Cisneros Group of Companies today announced the creation of the largest mobile ad network serving the Americas by merging the mobile business of RedMas, Cisneros’ digital media unit, with Adsmovil, the leading mobile advertising network in Latin America.  The newly-formed company will operate under the Adsmovil brand with co-founder Alberto Pardo serving as its CEO and Jorge Rincon, RedMas’ CEO, becoming its COO.

“RedMas’ mobile business has been providing cutting edge advertising solutions to the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets providing its partners a mix of interactivity, targeting solutions, and custom mobile alternatives to better communicate their company’s core values to Latino consumers,” says Mr. Pardo.  “The combined companies will be able to offer a broader mobile network and open up the mobile advertising experience across 15 countries in places that receive high traffic and strong relevance for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking consumer, resulting in more exposure and higher sales conversions for our partners.”

“We started RedMas focusing on the U.S. Hispanic market for online and mobile advertising.  Now with Adsmovil, we will also focus on the fast growing Latin American mobile marketing market.  With advertising growth close to 65% annually, according to eMarketer, and smartphone penetration going from 15% to 47% by 2015, the Latin American market provides huge growth potential,” adds Mr. Rincon.  “From an operational angle, this union provides brands access to many more premium publishers, and gives us the scale to invest in technological improvements.”

Adsmovil’s network now includes the mobile inventory of a number of major publishers in the region, as well as some of the most popular mobile applications in Latin America and the United States, such as Univision, Grupos de Diarios America, Grupo OPSA, Telemundo, impreMedia and Azteca America.

The new Adsmovil counts with offices in the United States (Miami, Los Angeles and New York), Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile; strengthen its sales team in major markets throughout Latin America and the U.S.; and build on its combined client base as both companies have separately provided result-driven solutions to many global enterprises, including a number of the Fortune 500 companies, such as Disney, Toyota, Sprint, McDonalds, Comcast and P&G.



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RedMas, the digital advertising network serving Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic markets, signed an agreement to become the exclusive commercial representative in Venezuela and Peru for Yahoo!’s digital advertising solutions.

Effective immediately, local advertisers and agencies in Venezuela and Peru will work with RedMas to reach Yahoo!’s global online audience.  These engagements can range from highly customizable branded solutions to traditional display units, mobile, search, and performance campaigns.

Digital advertising in Venezuela and Peru is growing at approximately 30 percent year after year.  Millions of people around the world already rely on Yahoo! to help them connect with the people, experiences and information they need for their daily lives.  Working with RedMas, Yahoo! will help advertisers connect with the people who build their businesses.

“We are extremely proud to bring an exciting brand like Yahoo! to these countries.  RedMas’ mission is to offer brands, advertisers and agencies in Venezuela and Peru the most complete range of solutions in the field of digital advertising,” said Victor Kong, Chief Digital Officer of the Cisneros Group of Companies.  RedMas is the digital adverting arm of the Cisneros Group.

“Latin America is one of the fastest-growing Internet markets in the world.  As more people come online through their PCs and mobile devices, there’s a huge opportunity to connect businesses with their customers through highly relevant and targeted digital experiences,” said Armando Rodriguez, Vice President of Latin America and U.S. Hispanic for Yahoo! Inc.  “We are excited to work with RedMas to bring digital advertising opportunities to Venezuela and Peru.”

Sprint and RedMas Partnered for a Targeted Mobile Advertising Platform

Sprint unveiled their new mobile-advertising platform, Pinsight Media+ for which they partnered with RedMas, the Hispanic mobile ad network connecting brands with the Latino mobile user.

Pinsight Media+, is a new advertising service that gives advertisers the power to reach consumers on their mobile device in a more personalized way.

With Pinsight Media+, Sprint will be able to not only target the general market but also   their important Hispanic mobile consumer base. Throughout this important partnership with RedMas, Sprint can effectively connect the mobile ad platform with third-party publishing partners such as GolTV, Televisa, Univision, Telemundo, Grupo GDA, Grupo OPSA, to mentioned a few.

The new program allows Sprint’s customers to choose whether they would like to share anonymous information about the way they use their mobile device. Targeted ads will appear on Sprint-owned and -operated properties, such as online and mobile; Sprint Web on-deck portal for mobile; and Sprint Zone, as well as third-party publisher properties. Sprint customers will continue to see advertisements online and in ad-supported applications and content, regardless of whether they have opted in to receive usage-based targeted ads. The targeted ads will be more relevant to the user’s personal interests.

Pinsight Media+ platform may well be the first of several new nontraditional revenue streams for Sprint.

Cisneros Group’s RedMas Acquires Kontextua


RedMas, the digital advertising unit of the Cisneros Group of Companies, today announced the acquisition of Kontextua, an online advertising company with an expansive network in Latin America and Spain that will strengthen the Group’s digital presence in the region.  In addition, RedMas will invest $2 million in Kontextua to develop new digital advertising platforms and extend the online network’s reach in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and in the U.S. Hispanic market.

“Latin America’s $2.5 billion digital advertising market is growing at an accelerated rate of 15 to 20 percent annually.  With Internet penetration at only 35% in the region, this market holds vast potential for RedMas,” says Cisneros Group’s Chief Digital Officer Victor Kong.  “The acquisition will not only contribute revenue to the Cisneros Group’s other sites, such as,, and, but it will also complement its business strategy of focusing on digital advertising, e-commerce, and social gaming.”

Kontextua was founded two years ago by German Herebia and Carlos Cordoba and developed into an innovative online advertising platform for the creation and commercialization of unexploited online advertising real estate, generating a new source of income for its more than 12,000 Spanish- and Portuguese-language affiliated sites, reaching over 60 million unique viewers.  Kontextua’s technology scans website content, recognizing texts and images that can serve as anchors for contextual advertising.  Advertisers can then select from a variety of content categories or key words related to their products or services, and advertise with various audience segments.

With the acquisition,Mr. Herebia, co-founder of InZearch, and Mr. Cordoba, co-founder of ePlanning, join the Cisneros Group’s digital management team.

“We are pleased to be part of an organization with a clear digital vision, and to be at the forefront of the expansion of its online advertising businesses in the region as part of the RedMas brand,” says Mr. Herebia.

Separately, Mr. Cordoba says, “We continue to focus on technological innovations in digital advertising services, and now with RedMas’ support, we are certain to accelerate the developmental process, enabling us to introduce several new innovations in the coming months.”

RedMas’ Survey Reveals the automotive preferences of US Hispanic Mobile Users

Safety and gas economy are the two main decisive factors for U.S. Hispanic mobile userswhen buying a new car, revealed the latest mobile survey conducted by RedMas.

RedMas, the leading Hispanic Mobile Ad Network and Mobile Studio in U.S. and Latin America, surveyed a sampling of the 33 million Hispanic mobile subscribers in the United States about their preferences when purchasing a new vehicle.

The survey, “Quiero mi carro nuevo: U.S. Hispanics Automobile Preferences 2012” conducted through RedMas’ vast network of mobile sites, found that 40% of Hispanic mobile users selected safety as the determining factor when buying a car, while 35% chosegas economy as being the most important consideration prior to signing a new vehicle contract.

“It is really encouraging to see how our survey uncovered key findings about the Hispanic mobile community’s choices when acquiring a new automobile.  This information provides guidance to marketers and brands that are looking to reach the Hispanic car shopper through mobile advertising.  RedMas is dedicated to its corporate commitment of providing in-depth information on this ever-growing demographic with astonishing buying-power,” asserted Jorge A. Rincon, CEO of RedMas.

 Mobile devices are an efficient search tool before buying:

Hispanic consumers are well informed car buyers.  They rely upon their mobile devices to search for information and compare prices before making a vehicle purchase.  36% of respondents use their mobile phones for price comparisons, while 22% seek information and reviews.

Me llevo la Troca (pickup truck)!:

Hispanics can’t deny their preferences for a pickup truck.  32% of Hispanic mobile users are planning to purchase a pickup truck as their next vehicle.  As for other popular automobiles, 17% of Hispanics preferred sport cars, 12% would rather have medium-size sedans, and 11% went for SUVs.  They definitely shied away from big cars with only 2% opting for large sedans for their next purchase.

I LOVE my car:

It’s not a secret that U.S. Hispanics tend to be loyal customers, and it’s no different when it comes to the brand of their vehicles.  38% of Hispanic mobile consumers are planning to buy the same brand of automobile they currently own.

Preference of automakers:

The U.S. Hispanic mobile buyer leans towards cars made in Japan or United States with Toyota leading all automakers with 24%, followed by Chevrolet (22%) and Ford (20%).  As to their luxury car preferences, BMW is their first option with 27% of the picks, and Mercedes Benz coming in a close second with 24%.

I want a new car:

21% of Latino mobile users are planning to purchase a new car within a year, and 23% within the next 24 months.

To download the complete survey go here

Facts on the Growing and Digital Hispanic Population:

The rising Hispanic population, along with their expanding buying-power and youth, will have significant implications for the digital industry. With the National Hispanic Heritage Month coming up from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, it’s a great time to remember some important facts on the topic.

Who’s considered Hispanic? The term Hispanic refers to people who trace the origin of their parents or ancestors to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic, Spanish-speaking Central and South America countries and other Spanish cultures.

Distribution of US Hispanics by State:

California: 28%
Texas: 19%
Florida: 8%
New York: 7%
Illinois: 4%
Arizona: 4%
New Jersey: 3%
Colorado: 2%

Total US Hispanic Population = 50.5MM

88% of the population growth among 18-34 year of age will come from Hispanics from 2010-2020.

10.7 million The number of Hispanic family households in the United States in 2011.

37.0 million The number of U.S. residents 5 and older who spoke Spanish at home in 2010. Those who hablan espanol  constituted  12.8 percent of U.S. residents 5 and older. More than half of these Spanish speakers spoke English “very well.”

4 The number of Hispanic surnames ranked among the 15 most common in 2000. It was the first time that a Hispanic surname reached the top 15 during a census. Garcia was the most frequent Hispanic surname, occurring 858,289 times and placing eighth on the list — up from 18th in 1990. Rodriguez (ninth), Martinez (11th) and Hernandez (15th) were the next most common Hispanic surnames.

Hispanics outpace all ethnic groups in mobile data service consumption including music and picture downloads.

There are almost 33.3MM Hispanic mobile subscribers

25% of Hispanics are more likely to follow a brand online, and are more likely to consume mobile multimedia.

57% of Hispanics own a Smarthphone

3 in 4 Hispanics use Mobile Media

60 percent of Hispanic households own at least one video and Internet enabled mobile device

30% of Hispanic Mobile owners recognized that they can’t live without their beloved devices.

Digital Hispanics spend 42% of their media time multitasking

*Sources: US Census Bureau 2010, RedMas, eMarketer, Nielsen 2012

RedMas “De Vacaciones: US Hispanic Vacations Trends 2012” Research featured in eMarketer

US Hispanic Travelers Embrace
Digital Channels for Booking
AUGUST 20, 2012
Demographic shows penchant for online and mobile
The US Hispanic demographic is on the leading edge of adopting
mobile technology, and their preferences for travel booking channels
have important implications for travel marketers.
“De Vacaciones: US Hispanics Vacation Trends 2012,” conducted
through RedMas’ network of mobile sites, found that Hispanics prefer
to spend their vacations with family and at personally significant
locations. According to the poll of 2,171 bilingual respondents, 57%
go on vacation at least once a year, 14% travel about twice a year,
and 5% take off more than three times a year.

Nearly half of those surveyed preferred to book travel through
internet (28%) and mobile or tablet apps (17%), showing these
travelers’ penchant for digital booking.
It’s also important to note that booking by telephone remains the
most preferred purchase channel, with 32% of respondents saying
they planned to purchase travel by direct call. This bodes well for
mobile marketers, because even if these travelers are not booking
directly through mobile sites, marketers can optimize mobile search,
sites or apps that use the click-to-call function. While that may not
bolster mobile booking revenue, it will increase mobile marketing ROI.
US Hispanics have adopted smartphones rapidly, so their mobile
booking activity is important to monitor. eMarketer projects that
smartphones will have 56.1% penetration within this demographic by
the end of 2012, and that figure will climb to 79.3% in 2016.
The survey also noted that Hispanics keep their mobile phones close
while on vacation. Thirty-four percent of respondents use mobile
devices to share their travels on Facebook or other social networks,
and 30% said that they can’t live without these devices.